Cutting your hair short makes you realize how honest people are, specifically telling you that you look like a boy. Yes, Mom, Dad, sisters, brother, cousins and nieces. I know I may look like a boy. But as long as I look like a pretty boy, I think I'll be fine.

This isn't the first time I cut my hair into a pixie cut, I've had it short since I was seven but I grew my hair out since I was fourteen. By the time it reached my waist, I knew it needed to be chopped off again. Which you can read about here. I liked that cut, but I became annoyed by how quickly it grew, and how the ends kept sticking out. I needed to visit the salon again. 

This time I cut it short and cool with a fringe, something I've never had before. I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to show it off. To be frank, I don't care who thinks what about my hair. Short hair triumphs long hair any day. 

So have you ever had a pixie cut? Which side of the battle are you; short hair or long hair? I'd love to know! 

And no, I'm not trying to look like Anne Hathaway. I'm trying to look like Audrey Hepburn.