Dress : Next plc | Jeans : Uniqlo | Boots : H&M
Necklace : (similar) | Beanie :  (similar)
I was absurdly tired this morning. I slept late due to a high dose of caffeine at ten o'clock, and woke up too early to finish a few blog stuff and to prepare for Model UN. You can see the bags under my vacant stare if you look closely. Though it shouldn't be surprising, I am seventeen after all. The last year of adolescent should be spent staying up and partying. However, my definition of partying is staying home with an 8tracks tab open and making plans. 

Sounds perfect to me.

In other news, my favourite boots' faux leather is beginning to scuff and tear. It's not terrible but it's noticeable. Do you have any clue how to fix the scuffing?