Rating: 4/5

It's so strange to talk about makeup in public nowadays. You can't say, 'Oh, have you tried Better Than Sex yet?' or 'NARS' Orgasm looks great on you!' without getting more than a few weird looks. So whenever I praise this Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation, strangers tend to furrow their brows and look at me disapprovingly.

It doesn't matter though. Because I do love Naked Skin. 

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation is a light-as-air liquid foundation with light to medium coverage that you can build up gradually. It is has 18 shades that you can choose from.  The foundation is runny  One or two pumps would cover the whole face to make a near-flawless base.

I found the foundation to be light-weight, feeling like nothing on skin, and gave a natural look with a satin finish. Not too matte, not too shiny. It's my go-to foundation for everyday makeup, when looking well-kept is mandatory.

Left: Shade 2.0 Right: 3:0
However, I am unsure of how it could cover redness and acne. I'm lucky to have few skin problems. Heavy dark circles around my eyes, slight discoloration around my mouth and nose, and my spidery veins poking out everywhere. The Naked Skin Foundation eradicates these problems, hiding them well underneath just a thin layer of foundation.

Also, I would not recommend the foundation for dry skin. It clung to flakes and dry patches of my skin when I first used it when the weather dried out my nose and chin. It seemed to emphasize these troubled spots.

I should mention that this should only be for daily makeup because it does not give the full coverage you may need on a formal night, nor does this foundation look good with flash. Trust me, you will look like something even ghosts would be scared of. This should be intended for everyday wear.

In Shade 2.0
I initially bought the foundation in Shade 3.0, thinking it would match my skin perfectly. However, once I put it on, I realized that it was too dark. It made me feel like an Oompa Loompa. So I bought in a Shade lighter in 2.0 which was almost perfect. Almost.

The foundation was still slightly too dark. I match foundations with my chest, and I realized it was too yellow. However, it still looked natural and absolutely beautiful. Perhaps, when I finish this bottle, I'll go buy it in Shade 1.5. 

So, while I don't recommend this foundation for those with dry skin, I would recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a light coverage foundation that gives a soft look for daily makeup. To wear this foundation will be like wearing no foundation at all. It's your decision whether or not that is a good thing.

So have you tried Naked Skin Foundation, and what is you go-to foundation? Please do tell me, I would love to know!