In support of International Women's Day, many women have come out with a letter to their younger selves. This is to give advice to their past self and genuinely support themselves at the young age when they were still figuring everything out. And hopefully, give young girls advice as well. I think this is beautiful, showing the difference as we were and as we are.

While this is mostly created by adult women speaking to their teenage self, I am a teenage speaking much younger selves. Things I wish I had known, and should have knew. So here is mine.

Dear Bash…

At 8 | You can’t wait to be a teen. You keep telling your big brother substitute that you’ll be 13 in just five years then all the cool things will happen. But Peter Pan was right. Please stay a child. Stay a child with a hopeful smile and bright eyes. Keep believing fairies, wishes and dragons. Stay curious and innocent. You shouldn't want to be a grown up.  Grown-ups should want to be you.

At 11 | You are so beautiful even if you don't believe it. You ask people if they think you’re pretty, and deny it when they answer. You want to be pretty, like all the girls on TV. They don’t have crooked teeth, pale skin or a chubby face. You want to be girly and cute, like the Barbies and Bratz you still keep. But one day, you will look into a mirror and finally say ‘I am beautiful.’

At 13 | This has been a rough year. You’re confused, terrified and alone. There is a hole in your heart that won’t go away, so you push good people aside and keep those toxic beside you. Please don’t. Fill that emptiness with good people, laughter, and words to write. You always loved writing. You’re so strong and I am so proud of you. Hang on for me. It’s going to be worth it.

At 15 | Join everything. Engaging yourself in activities and communities will bring you so much joy. In one of these societies you joined, the greatest people in the world await. They will be your family, growing together both as individuals and a whole. It will be your haven until now. Let yourself go, and you will be amazed. The best things in life will always come as a surprise.

At 17 | Hey, Present-Me. Right now, you’re nervous, scared and unsure. You don’t what to do, and you don’t know whether you really are taking control or just prolonging the inevitable. I don’t have the solution. But I know you’ll get through it. You always do. One day you will be the beautiful badass in blood-red lipstick with a twinkle in her eye. I just know it. Stay strong, stay powerful.

(And an extra one just in case)

In the Future | I don’t care what age you are. 18, 30, 50 or 80… just know I love you and you make me so proud. You are f*cking awesome. 

My blood flowed with passion while writing this. Perhaps recalling the past motivates me to do better for the future. It does make me wonder, what would you say to past self? When you were my age or younger? Perhaps advice that you wish you were given?

If you'd like more information for International Women's Day, please click here.