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Beauty | All About That Base

I don't wear makeup every day, but I wear it enough on a regular basis to know what looks good with what on who. Me in particular. Recently, I've come to realize that I tend to reach for specific products that just go so well with each other. Though it has limited to me to just a few products most of the time, I can finish my base in just under ten minutes! An achievement my mom claims is unnecessary.

So this what I use for my everyday base. Note, this is different from formal makeup base etc. Everyday makeup shouldn't have contouring or lots of blush. This is just what I use to look half-way decent and half-way natural when I go out. 

Here are the products for my foundation base!

Naked Skin Foundation in Shade 2.0 | I gabbled over this product in my review here. It's not a foundation for formal wear, but it is perfection in a bottle for everyday use. I apply this with clean fingers and without a primer underneath, unless I expect to be out from 9 to 5. It leaves my face almost bare with an even base. Any imperfections found can be covered by concealer such as...

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10 Ivory | Concealers are expendable to me, I pick and choose how I please but I find myself reaching for this one often. It's a little too yellow and a bit too dark for me. Once I blend it using a damp sponge, it looks absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, it's almost finished and I have to find a substitute soon.

Benefit High Beam | This highlighter is an angel sent by the makeup heavens for a pale zombie like me. Buying this in August for my birthday haul here, I have not been able to stop wearing it since. I apply a small dot on the high points of my face, and blend thoroughly. If you don't, unnatural lines will be noticeable. If you do, it leaves a luminous glow on your skin. 

Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder Essence products are either the best or the worst things ever, never hitting mediocrity. That said, their face powders are amazing. I mentioned buying this last month here and I've been using it as alternative to Elf's High Definition Loose Powder. Both powders are fantastic, but Essence doesn't get everywhere every time I use it. 

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 050 Sweetheart | Like concealers, blushes are expendable. I don't particularly care about the blush on my face but this one has to be my favourite. This blush is a natural light pink, pigmented without looking clownish. I apply this on my cheekbones, because I like them to look like they could cut someone. 

This base is nowhere near as full-coverage that you would need for a night on the town. Without makeup, you can see every vein and capillary on my face, circles around my eyes darker than ash. In fact,many asked if I was sick/a vampire/zombie. With this makeup, at least I look like a healthy vampire/zombie that has just eaten. 

So what's in your everyday foundation base? Have you ever tried any of these products and were they as satisfying as I found them to be? Please let me know! 


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  2. I never tried using highlighters before. I would definitely keep a note of this Benefit one! :D


  3. I'm dying to try the Urban Decay base! High beam is one of my favorite highlighters, it's also great if you mix it with your foundation :)

  4. I don't really use much of these but I hear they are all great brands :)


  5. All of these sound like great products to try, especially the highlighter!

  6. I do simple makeup too everyday and I like that Benefit high beam :)


  7. I do the same thing! I like certain products used together, like my Mac face and body with my Revlon colorstay foundation :)

  8. I would love to try high beam, it looks so amazing!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  9. This post makes me realise that I definitely need more Essence products in my life! Great post lady :)


  10. I love the Maybelline Fit Me concelear, I use it a lot!

  11. Great post
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  12. "I can finish my base in just under ten minutes! An achievement my mom claims is unnecessary" HAHA, this is so funny :D your mom´s wrong obviously ;) I really love Benefit foundation :) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  13. I haven't tried any of these products before but they do sound good :)

    Neeny x

  14. Great post! I have a slight different routine but I still wouldn't live without it because people think I look "too pale" or "sick" without anything!


  15. That foundation looks great, I like a natural finish :)

    Samantha Series

  16. Awesome post! Love the name of your post by the way :) xo

  17. I love essence too
    They have great quality in low price

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  18. Such a great post dear.
    Have a beautiful day.

  19. I've always wanted to try that urban decay foundation!

  20. Love your picks for make up, I love benefit products too!

  21. Only product I've tried is the essence All About Matt powder. It doesn't keep me matte long enough, but definitely less messy than the loose powder version. Other than the packaging being a bit flimsy, I am nearly hitting pan on it lol. So I do use it a lot. I rotate my foundation/bb cream/concealers all the time, but the powder is my go-to :) plus it's affordable.

    Also helpful when I'm doing makeup on other people.

    I really wanna try the Fit Me concealer though.

  22. I actually use that same Naked Skin Foundation and I love it! Great post <3

  23. Some Products I use for myself! Great Post.

  24. Thanks for this awesome review. I really want to try out High Beam from Benefit.

    Rae | love from berlin

  25. I'd love to try out the Naked foundation from Urban Decay! It sounds really good and I've read many rave reviews on it too! x x

  26. I love High Beam! It's one of my faves from Benetint. Great post babe!

  27. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this to us and have an amazing Friday! :)

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  28. Sounds like great products! I only use BB cream :)

    Sarah x

  29. I've never heard much about the UD Naked Skin foundation. So, thank you for the recommendation.
    I definitely want to try the Maybelline concealer soon. I'm always on the look out for a new concealer :)

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

  30. I'm all about that base too! A flawless base is the key to a flawless makeup look! I love my Maybelline Fit me for under eye brightening! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  31. I love the Naked foundation- goes on like a dream!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. Great idea for a post! I'm a huge fan of great blushes-this looks like one I'll have to try out! I usually just use a little concealer, powder, and blush for my base. Thanks for sharing your process!
    xo Kiki

  33. I think it's great you have things that go well together. You make the products work for you and your lifestyle! =)


  34. I really want to try the benefit highlighter!

  35. I love High Beam - have it on my face today and I'd forgotten how much I love it! Nice reviews, can I suggest you try the Rimmel Wake me up concealer? It's quite good and very affordable! Otherwise, NYX!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  36. Base is so important! Love High Beam :)


  37. Great selection, this product from Benefit looks and sounds interesting, I have to see if it's available in my country as well ;)

  38. Absolutely love Benefit High Beam! For blush, I really like Sleek blushers! Definitely worth a try x

  39. Ahhhh! I keep hearing about the essence powder! I want to try it so badly haha but it's never at the stores I shop at.

  40. Very thorough review doll! Thanks so much!

  41. I'm going to have to give High Beam a try! It sounds pretty great!

    She Likes to Shop

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  43. Mothers! What do they know?
    You should really try shade 15 in your Concealer then, it may be the right shade for you.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  44. Great products, love so much that Essence powder!

    My last post: 1 item 2 look -Printed coat-

    Shopping Girls

  45. I actually only use concealer! On a day to day basis, so my concealer is from Estée Lauder!

  46. These seem like great products :)

  47. I have a sample of the High Beam and was not sure how to use it! Thanks for sharing!

    Doused In Pink

  48. I don't use foundations everyday but on special occasions I like to use my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation which is great for dry skin. Great post and routine.

  49. Essence products are so cool!<3
    Love them:)


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