I have been incredibly sick these past few days. The rainy season has brought its terrible diseases along including the flu. Since Thursday, I've been coughing and sneezing. I spent my Friday with a ball in my throat and a pit in my stomach. So naturally, I went to lunch with my grandmother the next day. I felt horrible, but I looked wonderful! Well, as wonderful as I could.

| Over-sized Two Tone Top : Clavin Klein | Dark Green Jeggings : TBA | Pale Emerald Shawl : Shawlbyvsnow
| Crochet Flats : Forever 21 | Watch : Casio | Bag : Longchamp

It's surprising how much makeup you slather on to pretend you are remotely healthy. I spent well over an hour trying to look presentable. In reality, my voice was as deep as Kathleen Turner's and went home clinging to a plastic bag. At least my lipstick looked good.

In conclusion, I'd rather look nice in the midst of illness than actually getting better.

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