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Sunday, 1 February 2015

On a usual day, I read, knit and drink tea. This routine has kept me sane throughout life and I don't intend on stopping. After all, it does provide me some great hand-knitted things like this over-sized hipster hat.

I knitted this hat a few weeks into December, intending to make a quick and simple hat to use. It was made to replace my favourite hat (Slouchy purple beanie with a lace leaf pattern) I lost months ago. While it wasn't as pretty, it was simple and super comfortable. I like to throw it on when I want to cover my hair but too lazy to look nice.

 For the hat, I used King Cole Big Value Aran that I stole from my mom's own stash. I followed this super easy pattern here that I found searching through Ravelry. It took a day and a half to finish, blocking included.

Even for a oversize hat, it's quite big and loose. It isn't bothersome though, just a fact. I will cast on less stitches on a smaller needle.With that said, I absolutely love how slouchy it is. I will definitely be knitting more of these kind of hats in the near future.

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