It's been a long time since I brought a few products.
I spent most of spending money on yarn and food. However, I did pick up some makeup products on my way to celebrate my sister's O Level results a week. Nothing of particular interest, just those that took my eye. 
These are all Essence and Catrice products because I went to only one store and I could trust their products as cheap but high-quality (most of the time)

Essence Lip Liner in 05 Soft Berry & 11 In The Nude  | Essence Lip Liners are the only B$1.90 each but they are by far one of the best lip liners I have ever used. They are hidden gems in the beauty-world. I bought 05 Soft Berry, a beautiful plum shade, and 11 In The Nude, a re-purchase because my mom took and finished the first. 

Catrice Multi Colour Blush in 060 Strawberry Frappucino | Even though I have accumulated quite a number of blushes, I find myself reaching for only one. I hope this blush could change that. It has four colours, supposedly to create a beautiful finish. Honestly, it feels and looks like every other blush I've seen and used. But hey, it's pink!

Essence Soo Glow! in 10 Look On the Bright Side | I'm addicted to highlighters, especially when I'm in need to create Maleficent-esque cheekbones. So I bought this cream-to-powder highlighter on a whim. It's creamy, and smooth and exceptionally pigmented. Like every other highlighter, you should always use it sparingly else you look like a shiny mess.

Essence All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder | About a year or two ago, the loose powder version was my absolute favourite powder to use. Then I lost it three months later. Darn. So I found the compact version while rummaging through the aisle and bought it immediately. A translucent powder sets the whole makeup look (figuratively and literally)

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in 140 Pinker-bell | This hot pink lipstick makes me feel like Barbie and Nicki Minaj spliced into one person. Yes, it's that amazing. The lipstick is absolutely pigmented and so beautiful to wear. This is my technical second lipstick from their Ultimate Colour line and I'm impressed. Much better than Essence's.

Essence My Skin Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask for Normal Skin | This mask smells of cucumber and smiley faces, pre-soaked in heavy moisturizing creams. The package claims you can use it twice, but once was enough for me. The paper mask adequate and did what it was suppose to do. It softens the skin, and makes you feel like Leatherface. Which is always a plus.

So have you tried any of these products or if you'd like to? Please do tell me about them!

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