2015 Resolutions

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Happy 2015 everyone!

I say two weeks too late.

The start of a new year has been connotative to change in one's self. After a turbulent 2014, everyone has been preparing a New Years' Resolution of some sort. I've personally never been a fan of resolutions and never succeeded in them. In fact, I don't think I had a New Year's Resolution last year. And it's not surprising, considering we are just really lazy. (Or it's just me)

Nevertheless, attempts should still be attempted. Whether it succeeds or not is up to the future to decide. So here are my resolutions for 2015!

  • Produce a Short Film
I always considered myself a writer first before anything else. I loved scribbling on half-empty notepads with ideas and stories to produce. Finishing them however is a different story. It is easy for me to create, difficult to complete. That great idea I get every two weeks tends to fizzle out after two weeks. My folder of unfinished projects are proof. Writer's block is my greatest enemy.

Which is why I am forcing myself to produce a short film, or  short series or anything really. It doesn't matter. What matters is that I finish the screenplay, and produce it into something. I want to be proud of something that I made, and I do hope it begins with this.

  • Study Well, Play Well
I'll be taking my A Levels and becoming an official adult this year. Stressful, to say the least. I've been in school for less than two weeks, and I'm going bald. These upcoming months will be excruciating and potentially tear-filled. Never mind that! I shall ease myself to the best of my ability! Yet the best may not be enough.

It leads down to balance. To have a fair balance of study time and play time. My parents have made it clear what they want me to focus on and I agree because I want to do well in my studies. I can hate school but I love homework and aim for A's. While 2014 was handled fairly well, I intend 2015 to be better. It has to be better.    

  • Get Fit, Get Healthy (Within Reason)
This is on everybody's list, mine included. I realized how unhealthy I am when I weighed myself before drinking a whole bottle of Pepsi all by myself on New Years' Eve. I didn't care, and that was depressing. I won't get fit or healthy overnight, or even over a year but to start is enough.

Luckily, plenty of my friends feel the exact same way and intend to get fit too. The easiest steps to take are the hardest i.e actually starting. I will start by doing a Blogilates Monthly Workout Challenge and cutting down on junk food. In all honesty, this seems like the easiest goal to achieve but whether I will succeed...Hah. 

  • Invest in Myself
People think it's selfish to put one's self before others. I agree wholeheartedly, but that doesn't mean it's wrong. On the contrary, we should be selfish. I want to focus on myself. My dreams, my goals, my present. To evolve into a better Me. We're stuck with ourselves so we should invest in ourselves.

Be Yourself, Treat Yourself, Love Yourself. Maybe then we'll learn who we are. That was so cheesy. My deepest apologies.

  • Blog More, Read More
I've been a bad blogger. I barely blogged last month despite having an ample amount of free time. I've been a terrible reader. Out of the dozens of books I have bought but never read, I think I've only finished two excluding English Literature texts. So this year, I want to do more of both. 

For blogging, I will have a proper schedule and stick to it. I want to blog more than just makeup looks, perhaps personal things or fun things. Things I want to blog about and I hope that would be alright. That doesn't mean I won't blog about makeup though. As soon as my camera is fixed, or I get a new one, I will be hopefully have more makeup posts ready.

I intend to read more this year. 52 books in 52 weeks. That doesn't seem too bad, right? For the most part, I will be doing Pop Sugar's 2015 Reading Challenge here and have already begun with F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. I recommend you join too if you're looking to read more!

_ + = + = + = +_

Those are my resolutions for 2015. Most, if not all, are overused and cliche but I am very insipid and don't have much to offer. Anyway, I hope you had a great 2014 and I wish you all the luck for 2015!

So since these are my resolutions, what's yours? I'd love to know!

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