Makeup | How Much Does My Face Cost?

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" T O O   D A M N   M U C H . "

My father retorts.

His sarcastic jabs at my makeup are accurate though. Seeing as I do love purchasing new products to play. Though it did make me ponder at the amount I spend. Not just on all my makeup but the makeup I use regularly. So how much do I spend on my everyday face?

And is it worth it?

Youtube | Spoken Word : Monsters

W E L L . . . T H I S   I S   D E P R E S S I N G

Standing in front of a camera. Reciting words I wrote long ago. Holding back emotions to stay hollow. So when I speak, it feels like I speak nothing. So I can feel nothing. And yet I still speak, and feel something. 

Something building when I mention monsters. Fear monsters will find me. Scared monsters will hate me. Terrified monsters will want me.

And yet I still speak for the monsters. Because they need to be heard.

An American Makeup Haul

Bash Harry shows her American Makeup Haul featuring US-Based brands Anastasia Beverly Hills, ColourPop and Makeup Geek
L O O K   A T   A L L   T H I S   M A K E U P . . .

That is so freaking hard to find. Seriously.

I call this an 'American' Makeup Haul because these US-based brands are hard to find here. A rare commodity, lauded by the few who manage to grab it. International shipping is horrible, expensive and time-consuming.

It would take months before they arrived, friends warned me. These arrived late, three months after purchase. However, that was my own fault. A story for a later time. Now, we'll focus on these products.

So what did I manage to get?

Youtube | Five Looks for Eid : Outtakes

P U T   F I V E   G I R L S   I N   A   R O O M

And proceed to fail at professionalism.

The Five Looks For Eid, a highlight of how professional as I could be, ultimately left a lot snipped out. The awkward laughter, long pauses and my inability to hold a brush properly. Yes, there were many scenes cut for the better. Then proceeded to edit together into one pathetic video.

Here is the Blooper Reel!

10 Gratitudes Everyday

I   C O U N T   M Y   B L E S S I N G S

I count them everyday. 

As a reminder I am lucky. I am important. I am stable. I tell myself everyday in attempt to lucky, and important and stable. I need to know what I am grateful for. The gratitudes I have and wish to keep. So here 10 gratitudes from every day life.

I'm grateful for...

OOTD | Three Days of Eid 2016

I   L I K E   R A Y A 

Even if I am getting older.

More cynical and livid. Eid is something I look forward to every year. A constant good in my life. This year is no different, just 'prettier,' I like to comment. Dolling up, looking better every year. Last year, I featured my Three Days of Eid 2015.

Here are Three Outfits of Eid!

Youtube | Five Looks For Eid

H A P P Y   E I D   E V E R Y O N E

And Selamat Hari Raya!

Chomping on food, meeting old friends and making awkward conversation with family. There's truly nothing like Eid. Hence why I love it so dear. My favourite part is getting ready. Able to dress my best, and slather makeup without hassle. For this year, I thought I would share a few looks. Best for the festive season but easy for beginners.

Here are my #5Looks4Eid!