OOTD | Small Town Girl

Bash Harry London-Exeter Based Brunei Blogger
"she took the midnight train, going anywhere."

No, she took the Piccadilly Line to SoHo.

She makes her way through the busy London streets. A rugsack over her shoulder and headscarf wrapped quickly. Always with a cup of coffee in one hand, the other pushing her glasses up. Dresses for the wet weather but forgets about the puddles. Heels always soaked by the end of the day. This is the life chosen and the life lived.

The small town girl lives a big city life. Hoping she won't shatter like the big city dreams. 

Why Falling Out of Love is Okay

"i don't seek lovers. i seek muses."
- every pretentious prick ever

More specifically, the pretentious prick in a red scarf. 

Falling in love is a fickle thing. One that I cannot describe so easily. Many young writers have written novels about love, romance and its in-betweens. They express their love of love in ways the brain may be able to seek. These writes know love. I am not one of them. 

Instead, I sit on my bed. Behind my board and books, and just talk about love. And why falling out of love is okay.  

Words in Books I'll Never Write 02

Words in Books I'll Never Write - Bash Harry - Flesh to Feel Bones to Break
i've written so much in the past year
Yet still not enough.

It has almost been a year since the first edition. I featured three passages from a book literally titled 'Words In Books I'll Never Write.' I've switched books since then.

My best friend gifted a cardboard-covered book, with my favourite quote printed in gold. I squealed and told her I loved it. I keep all my slices there, filling it in whenever inspiration strikes. After a year, I decided to write up another post.

Here is another page from words in books i'll never write. 

My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience

My London Fashion Week A/W 2017 Experience - Haute Elan hosts London Modest Fashion Week 2017 at Saatchi Gallery
it has been three weeks since I went to
london fashion week

London itself is a hectic city. London, during Fashion Week, is another kind of hectic. Beautiful people wearing precise makeup, clothes picked meticulously. I could only watch in awe, my heart beating and mouth agape. 

It is exciting to watch the week unfold onscreen. To watch it in real life is exhilarating. The outfits I wore was only a fraction of my week in London. The week was spent going from show to show, all across London. Worried I might forgot about every detail, I did what any sane person would do. 

I filmed it. 

OOTD | Outfits from London Fashion Week 2017

somehow, i managed to get invited to london fashion week.

Outfit planning stressed me out. Even though it shouldn't. 

I spent weeks meticulously planning my outfit for the four day I attended. Which then proceeded to crash and burn due to unforeseen circumstance. Nevertheless, I found myself lucky with pieces to wear. New clothes hanging on the rack. I squealed as I coordinated each outfit for each day.

So here are my outfits for four days of London Fashion Week.

So This Isn't Love

"i'm all yours."
you smile.

"For tonight?" I ask, just as arms wrapped around my waist.

You nod.

"For tonight." 

I smile, caressing your face nuzzled in my shoulder. I can imagine you differently. I let your face remain the same. Brown hair and flushed skin. Slender and young, a wickedness lighting your eyes. I'll call you beautiful for tonight, as you will call me perfect. Plain lies we tell ourselves, and I almost believe it.

This isn't love, but we can pretend it is.

MOTD | Valentine's Day

 ugh valentine's day

It is hated as much as it is loved. A consumer-driven reminder of society's obsession with trivial pursuits in romance. Hence my frustration when shops sell chocolate hearts, and mild disgust when couples hold hands. So I eat the chocolate alone with my two free hands. 

I never celebrated Valentine's Day. Never cared enough to enjoy myself. However, I take the holiday as an opportunity to use shades I rarely wear. Specifically, pinks. God knows I rarely wear pink.

Here is a Valentine's Day makeup tutorial featuring Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance Palette.