So This Isn't Love

"i'm all yours."
you smile.

"For tonight?" I ask, just as arms wrapped around my waist.

You nod.

"For tonight." 

I smile, caressing your face nuzzled in my shoulder. I can imagine you differently. I let your face remain the same. Brown hair and flushed skin. Slender and young, a wickedness lighting your eyes. I'll call you beautiful for tonight, as you will call me perfect. Plain lies we tell ourselves, and I almost believe it.

This isn't love, but we can pretend it is.

MOTD | Valentine's Day

 ugh valentine's day

It is hated as much as it is loved. A consumer-driven reminder of society's obsession with trivial pursuits in romance. Hence my frustration when shops sell chocolate hearts, and mild disgust when couples hold hands. So I eat the chocolate alone with my two free hands. 

I never celebrated Valentine's Day. Never cared enough to enjoy myself. However, I take the holiday as an opportunity to use shades I rarely wear. Specifically, pinks. God knows I rarely wear pink.

Here is a Valentine's Day makeup tutorial featuring Anastasia Beverly Hills' Modern Renaissance Palette.

Hate to See Your Heart Break

"There is not a single word in the whole world
That could describe the hurt."

I kept your heart in a glass box.

You gave it so willingly, asking me to keep it safe. You kissed my hands and wished me well. So I left it in the box, tucked away in my drawer. Every night since, I checked to see if it still beats for me. I always smiled at its glow. Tonight was different. Tonight, I removed it from its cage. Tonight, I held your heart in my hand.

This is where we end.

I never wanted this to happen. Staring at the concrete ground, refusing to look at you. My breath slow and tears swelling. I hold everything back, you say nothing. We both realise then where we stand. After a long silence, I finally speak. Three words; barely a whisper. I repeat it again and again, until I cry.

“I’m so sorry.”

How were you to know, we would end like this?

My Family Does My Voiceover

i love them to bits 
but this is ridiculous.

A plethora of 'My [blank] Does My Voiceover' have sprung up online. From boyfriends to dads, neither of which were willing to do this.  Instead, I turn to my siblings when I was back in Brunei. Two girls and an unwilling boy in the living room. I asked them up front.

"Do you want to do my voiceover?"

Each turned to me, eyes wide with mischief. And I immediately regret it. 

So my family did my voiceover.  How did it go?

17 Things to Do in 2017

17 things to do in 2017 by HEY BASH
we survived 2016!


But we survived! And that is important reminder as we enter 2017, unsure but scared. Rather than focusing on our fears, justified I might add, I want to be optimistic. Looking forward to the new year with things we should do. Some exciting, some insignificant but all something to do.

So to highlight the importance of doing, here are 17 things to do in 2017. 

MOTD | Soft Eyes, Bold Lip

it's been ages since I've done an MOTD.

Applying a full face, taking photos then proceed to wash it off immediately.

Ever since I received Soulmatte Cosmetics' Matte Lip Kit from Xema Su, I wanted to wear it. For the past few months, I've settled for brown nudes rather than this beautiful bright red. With the intention of starting fresh with a slew of new makeup looks, I decided to film it.

So this is a relatively quick and simple look featuring soft eyes and a bold lip.

5 Personal Goals for 2017

Bash Harry Brunei-born and UK-based Blogger
in theory, this should help me.

After all, every self-help book states setting goals is beneficial. Small goals, big goals. Those easy to achieve, and some harder to accomplish. I enjoy the idea of goals. However, going through with them is a task I’m unwilling to commit. I’ve noticed this since last year. I didn’t achieve any of my personal goals last year.

And that’s fine. It means I can start fresh. 

These are my 5 goals for 2017.