19 Things To Know Before Turning 19

1 9   I S   N O   B E T T E R   T H A N   1 8
And yet it's so different.

At the end of my teenage hood. Almost an adult. No longer a child. Life stops staying a waiting game and becomes a rushed something. Unsure of what is to come but still hoping it's good. In the grand scheme of things, 19 is nothing. But there are still something you should learn.

So here are 19 things you should know before 19...

Youtube | ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Swatches

1 0   L I Q U I D   L I P S T I C K S . . .

Applied on my lips in one single afternoon/evening. All for this video.

Ever since the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip reviews, I have been toying with the idea of a swatch video. Even though my general rule of thumb is 'keep videos visual.' Example; if you can do it on the blog, don't make it a video. Swatch videos were bored me if I could search for photos instead.

But I made an exception. So I filmed the swatches, with a twist.

19 Years and Counting

Bash Harry Brunei Beauty Fashion Life & Style Blogger
I   D O N ' T   K N O W
W H A T   T O   W R I T E

Usually, I have some notion what a post will include. Some cohesive thoughts, photos and structure. Lists or anecdotes or reviews. Not this one though, at least for this particular post. My arbitrary Birthday post. To celebrate my birth, because that is what it is.

Today, I turned nineteen and I feel nothing.

Guest | The Mervyn Monologues : Discovering The Dutch

T O   M Y   B E A U T I F U L   F R I E N D S . . .

Whom I bid farewell at the airport. I clutched their clothes, whispering words of encouragement and wishing I came along. I waved goodbye and held back tears. And held my friend back who did cry. Three friends left for the Netherlands, for further studies. One of them was Mervyn.

Mervyn from The Mervyn Monologues is one of my closest friends. His face popping up in many, many, many personal posts. I watched him and two beautiful girls leave to Amsterdam almost week ago. Now, he resides in Utrecht. Where he will experience the wonders of a new country, the joys of a new life and start anew.

And so I asked him to write for me. About this new world untouched.

Youtube | How to Wear Dark Lips

I ' M   A   S U C K E R   F O R   D A R K   L I P P I E S

As is everyone nowadays.

Dark lipstick requires confidence to wear. To be so bold and becoming. Drawing attention to the femme smile. It will beckon and it will seek and it will be beautiful. But dark lipstick can be quite unforgiving. A difficulty to attain. I note by the stained teeth or over-lined lips.

So with three lipsticks in hand, here is an easy way to wear dark lips!

OOTD | Let's Start A War

Bash Harry Brunei Beauty, Fashion Life & Style Blogger
' M Y   S U B J E C T   I S   W A R ,
A N D   T H E   P I T Y   O F   W A R . '
-   W I L F R E D   O W E N
And war is upon us.

I feel it underneath sickly skin, sending shivers down my spine. The sun hides my disdain, so I lavish in its warmth some more. Begging the sun shall never set but knowing night will fall. I strap my boots tight, tall and sharp. I ready my armour, painted leather and green.

I kiss my lovers goodbye, that I pray to see again. Then march into battle, to wage war against no one.

Makeup | ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip : Darks

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip Darks Review featuring Rooch, Limbo, LAX, Jellies, Dr. M
R A T I N G :   3 . 5   O U T   O F   5
Y E S ,   M U C H   B E T T E R

At least compared to the abysmal 'Nude' shades I last reviewed.

Those lipsticks made me shake my fists in the air, cursing why I listened to all the praise. Purchasing so many disappointing colours because word-of-mouth. ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip's darker shades restored my faith. Not too the extent of praise, but of understanding.

So how were the darker shades?